We are Al Arz Automatic Bakery. We have a professional experience. We know and meet the requirements of consumers. We interest to fulfill consumers’ outlooks getting high quality professional services in all of our products. Our shareholders experience, which is more than 20 years, gives us the confidence to meet our promises to our customers. We confirm that transforming our customers’ dreams to facts is our priority. This is a faithful promise until fulfilling it.
In 2007, Al Arz Automatic Bakery is established in Bin Mahmoud, Doha. Since then, we undertakes upgrading our services. We are able in a record time to develop all production lines in the bakery to be the pioneer among our competitors in Qatar market. We started with a store whose area was 80 m2. We employed 7 persons in Doha (Bin Mahmoud). Then, we develop our store and open in Al-Wakrah City in 2010. Within the initial couple years, our personnel capacity became 120 employees. We progress developing our bakery and opening in Industrial Area. We were granted a support from the energy ministry. Our staff increased to 200 employees. We have the high quality production lines. We are still developing our bakery. Abstractly, we are looking to seizure the local market, then, reaching overseas market.


Vision & Mission

Al Arz Automatic Bakery shall be a local and international company through several plans either on short scales or large scales, which fulfill reasonable levels of proceeds. This will benefit the society. Al Arz Automatic Bakery aims to produce high quality and competitive price bakery in order to distribute it in the local and international markets through excellent relatives with outstanding suppliers. Our vision is to be a pioneer and high quality bakery providing the best quality to our customers and partners. We aim to become a trademark favorite to broadest group of customers in the targeted market. Company’s obligation with high quality exceeds the modern equipment and fixtures to include strict complying with personal hygiene of our staff in the company. Our strict obligation with standards is considered a part of our vision and an obligation towards our customers to provide the best and most delicious product.
Al Arz Automatic Bakery is considered the famous company in Qatar for bakery and food. Our experience and quality is inherited since establishing the company in 2007 by a team having high experience to choose and use the best kinds of raw materials available in the local and international market. In addition, they used the latest technology to develop the cooked materials while preserving customs and heritage with which the company established. The company has the unique taste under supervision of trained team. Our modern fixtures grant us the ability to produce vary group of high quality products. These international standards applied in Al Arz Automatic Bakery and managed by a team of cookers who are trained and granted international degrees in bakery.

Al Arz Automatic Bakery complies with the following values and policies:

  • Teamwork;
  • Uniqueness & Creativity;
  • Abiding to deadlines and work accuracy;
  • Ambition for the better;
  • Fulfilling customers’ requirements;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Preserving the heritage through ancient products.

We are ambitious to be international bakery through the support provided to the company by the state in order to lift the logo of “made in Qatar” internationally to be pioneer in supplying and exporting to the local and international market.

Our Values

Ambition & Dream

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