We are granted everyone’s confidence (due to Allah Generosity). We distribute our products to (Lulu branches, Carrefour branches, Al-Mira branches, Safari branches, hyper markets, catering companies, supermarkets, markets, etc.) We produce 24 hours in order to meet all requirements of the market. Because our products is purchased a lot in All places in Qatar.
We cover 90% of the local market. We are looking to increase our distribution in the next period as mentioned above. We want to enter international market during the next period including Gulf and Middle East regions. 


Our aim is to develop our products in order to reach international market after being the first product distributed in Qatar. We develop equipment and machines. We adopt practical training depending on knowledge to pace with the quick development in the technology of machines. We hope to comply with the responsibility and confidence granted by our customers. We will continue satisfying all of our customers throughout the world. We will be the second-of-none trademark in producing food and bakery. We believe that the true money is the human. We pay our attention to our employees. In addition, we adopt a group of procedures stimulating our employees to increase the level of quality, develop skills and create a spirit of competition towards the better.

We will develop our company’s aims, expand and vary its activities. We pay great attention to our employees in order to develop their skills and make them more professional. We keen fulfilling complete satisfactory of our customer by adopting a great package of policies in order to achieve this aim. Finally, we thank everyone develop this system starting from state’s support, workers, technicians, employees and finally board of directors. We hope to be successful in outlining a summary of Al Arz Automatic Bakery’s abilities and experiences. We hope that you like this summary.

Our Happy Customer