The bread history is from the date of using grains by human. Bread is a product cooked directly and manually from wheat and corn, which recently are made by machines. This could be considered the first application of food industry in the history of humans since wheat and corn started cooked as food products prior vegetarian oil and wine.

Human digestive apparatus can’t digest wheat or corn alone. That is why wheat and corn are transformed into several products. Since then, Human started manufacturing his/her main products from wheat and corn that supported by starches combined with protein existed in the meat. Thus, the primitive bread made from barley is considered from the first foods made in the history. Some researches confirm that the human started cooking wheat and corn before cooking bread.

Historically, the bread was cooked from wheat and corn that were available all over the land of the country. For example, it is observed that wheat was used in Europe and Africa, corn was used in America, and rice was used in Asia. In the ancient times, the classes of the society were divided depending on the bread use according to the color of bread crumbs. 


Some researchers confirm that the bread was cooked at first in the central Asia. Then, it reached to the Mediterranean Sea through Mesopotamia and Egypt due to the commercial relations between Asia and Europe through Syria. Choosing the kinds of used wheat and corns was led to new kinds of bread known today. This was the oldest one cooked from the barley. A person from Sumer or Mesopotamia, in 6000 BC, started cooking bread like current days. They used ash to cook bread. Sumerians within ruling Jamadet Nasr, taught Egyptians the ways of cooking bread. Then, Egyptian adopted this knowledge. They managed and develop cultivating process until the bread became an irreplaceable food element in the society.

Mr. Suliman Golman