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Noodles is in English language. In Arabic, it means “She’ria”. It is a kind of food containing of a kind of rough boiled in boiled water. Noodle is derivative from German word Nudel which mean pasta. It may be have a relation with Latin word “Nodus” meaning “loop”. Noodle is a general term for all roughs boiled in boiled water which contained of the shape of Noodle. First family innovated Noodle was Han family in 225 AD. The company invested in this kind of food industry. In order to be pioneer, we entered this line to current production lines. In the near future, this product will be available in the market.

Noodles - East Asia

Shish Barak Minto - Turkish 

Shish Barak is a famous food in Sham countries (Syria, Palestinian, Lebanon and Jordan). It is originally cooked in Ottoman country. It is a simple ancient recipe consisting of a rough like ordinary bread rough; i.e. flour, water, salt filled with soft minced meat, soft smashed onion, a little of butter, salt and black pepper. Currently, a team of experienced and high quality technician and engineers establish a production line with the international high quality standards in order to be competitive and able to enter the international market strongly.

Puff pastry is an international and well-known rough. It is considered a fat, leafy and crispy rough if being cooked. It needs time and effort in order to be cooked, however, it is easy to cooked. But making it thin layers needs more time. Puff pastry is cooked from simple ingredients including flour, salt and a plenty amount of butter through these layers. Six layers are put on each other’s consecutively. Then, we add an amount of butter, fold the rough and put it into fridge for at least one hour. The cold helps rough when being cooked, for example, Crossan, Sweet Puff, Malfi and Tart Puff, in addition, to all kinds of Puff according to the French method.

Puff Pastry - French

Turkish Burak is cooked from Leaf rough. Currently, the factory develops integral production line to this kind of roughs. It is required in the local and international market. We put our finishing touches on this product by making a special mix satisfying Arab taste. This product is exclusive for our company.

Leaf Rough


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