• Al Arz Automatic Bakery’s products have a delicious taste and flavor which cooked to suit several tastes and coincide with various social occasions, parties and birthdays.
  • For several years, Al Arz Automatic Bakery adopted European and Arab style generally and Turkish Ottoman particularly in its various products to ensure quality value and delicious taste in each part of its products. The company invests more efforts and money in establishing a company with latest international equipment in the field of bakery and food industry.
  • Complying with the high standards in our products, we carefully choose the fresh ingredients to ensure high quality and special taste. Our products consider the general health through avoiding chemical and fat ingredients. Our products have a light and delicious taste. Our products are used fresh and cold for a long period.
  • During this period, Al Arz Automatic Bakery invested in technology, research and development to produce international bakery. We like our work. We combine our experience and knowledge with hard work. We have a record of successful products.
  • Arab Bakery Company is still a symbol of Arab hospitality and provide it in all occasions. Our products are the most famous products in field of bakery. There is no occasion without our products.
  • We, Al Arz Automatic Bakery, are happy with our teamwork. We like the company’s bakery made in our factories which is consider the fruit of experience and hard work. Al Arz Automatic Bakery has an expensive credit of achievements regarding quality assurance starting form the concept and secret ingredients to experiment and production.
  • We, Al Arz Automatic Bakery, have a teamwork of cookers, helpers and technicians who specialized in design and undertake cooking excellent kinds of bakery.


Al Arz Automatic Bakery produces this kind of bread which is the favorite for a wide group of customers. This kind is from 500 BC in Central America years. Its ingredients are wheat flour, corn flour, fat milk, vegetarian margarine in low ratio, salt and water. We are proud that we have production line similar and subject to international standards in this product.

Tortilla -Mexican

Chapati is from Punjab province, India. It is cooked from a rough of Alata flour derivative from total rough wheat seeds, then, water and salt are added. The rough shall be flattened to be like tables whose diameter is 12 cm. Chapati shall be cooked in oven on its both faces. Chapati is eaten with vegetables. We have a production line with international specification.

Chapati - Indian

Shawarma and grills bread  - Turkish

This kind of bread is cooked in Ottoman country in 1946. This kind is cooked by oven fired with wood. After that, the bakery innovated a production line to this kind of bread by elite of Turkish experts, which production line is developed and has high technology to meet the requirements of market from this kind of bread. We are still develop this production line to increase the current production.

The factory cooks the European bread which is in all western countries. This is French baguette, toast and burger bread. In addition, all kinds of Sommun bread with different shapes and sizes. We produce different kinds not found in any other place.

European bread

Pita bread (circular bread)

It is the best innovation of the bread. This kind of bread is a food main kind in the Middle East from about 4000. Pita bread exists all over the Middle East. This kind of bread cooked from inorganic materials containing all kinds and vitamins required by human body.

The origin and history of Panini bread is that Panini is derivative from Panino which means a small roll of bread in Italian language. In general, Panino accurately means bread with a filling (translated as a roll of bread with filling in Italian language). Today, we develop our production line specialized to the product in order to compete international tastes.

Panini Bread

Saj Bread

It is a kind of Ottoman bread which overrode in Arab and Islamic countries during the Ottoman regime. Flour is cooked with water and salt, then, the rough is shaped as a big circle. Its diameter reaches more than one meter. It is contained from a thin layer. After that, it is cooked on a big heated metal named Saj. It is digestible and delicious. We are intended to make a new automatic production line for this kind of bread. We put our finishing touches on this product to cook a special mix satisfied by Arab taste.

This is the loaf of bread that we know today. Its history is from the age of Pharaonic Egypt. It is known for long time as “Eish” in Egypt. The loaf cooked from crops’ grains was the main food for Egyptians. A white flour is achieved by sifting grinded grains several times. After that, water mills are used. Then, air mills are used. Finally, mills working by energy are used. We developed this product by putting our finishing touches by a team of cookers trained in cooking bakery and food. We make a special mix satisfying Arab taste.

Arab Bread