General Manager

Mr. Fahad Ali Buhindi – Owner and General manager of the factory having experience 10 years.

Undoubtedly, we are looking for progressing with our beloved country Qatar. That is coinciding with Qatar national vision 2030, which is plan to change Qatar to a developed country able to achieve the sustainable development in order to provide high level life for all citizens in 2030. In 2007, it was the start. We put the cornerstone, the first stone in this building, to progress fixedly and rapidly in the local market. The first aim is to achieve the country need of comprehensive development. We shall be a pioneer company. That is achieved in the last years by Allah willing. According to the national vision, the state supports private companies and individuals (to some extent) aiming to a joint approach of achieving comprehensive economic development in all fields.

Although the high competitiveness in the field of bakery and food, especially, in Qatar. We, Al Arz Automatic Bakery, are able to have a solid ground in this field. This is due to our unique work method and creativity of our excellent teamwork specialized in our field. We are able to head toward fixedly achieving a growth rate to be able to attain more progression. We can impose our unique method in this method in a quick time. We always against the proverb “satisfying customer is an aim can’t be achieved”, but by Al Arz Automatic Bakery, we believe that we meet our customers’ satisfaction.

Company’s CEO

Mr. Suliman Golman - The partner and CEO of the company who has experience 25 years.

In the field of bakery and food products industry, he granted Ph.D. in nutrition and food industry. He established two companies from the beginning of his practical life. The first one was Al Arz Automatic Bakery, which is the cornerstone, then Salwa Bakery which is a company specialized in all food industry. Al Arz Automatic Bakery started with a bakery, then, it developed until become the current bakery. This is due to the cooperation between all members of the company under the scientific management and previous experience of CEO. Undoubtedly, the joint cooperation between General Manager and CEO is fruitful until now. We still have an endless ambitious – Allah willing.

Mr. Suliman Golman developed the production lines adopting accurate scientific methods and high competitive standards, which causes a development leading to increase in the productivity of the company. The company distribute its products increasingly in Qatar where it has a fleet of cars of distributions about (70) cars and in the end of 2016, the number of cars reaches (100) cars. This is due to purchasing our product. The company has several kinds of products.

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